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Voice123 is more than a place to find voice over jobs — it’s a place to grow a voice over career. We enable creatives to thrive in the industry, going beyond just providing voice overs, and creating lasting, valuable relationships with clientele. With our incredibly large pool of voice actors for all kinds of projects, anyone can promote and find exactly what they need; including voice type, language, voice gender, voice age, project type, and more. On top of that, we’ve got amazing customer service, and we’re always prepared to help both clients and voice actors meet their needs, solve any problems, and bring every project to fruition.

Voice123’s The Booth is a comprehensive content studio that meets the modern needs of voice actors. We’ve got a free voice over guide filled with tips and advice on voice acting, how to use the Voice123 platform, finding voice over jobs online, and creating success with your very own voice over business.

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Voice123 Membership Plans

Voice123 allows you to build your voice over career for free, or you can upgrade to a paid plan tier. Paying for a plan means accessing priority customer support, more project invitations, a greater number of search appearances, and more. Whether you opt for a free or paid plan, Voice123 remains an excellent place to build and showcase a voice acting portfolio, and also develop a network of clients that can last a lifetime.

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