Tennessee Voiceover Studios (TNVO)

Tennessee Voiceover Studios (TNVO) PROFILE

Tennessee Voiceover Studios’ mission is to provide quality training and guidance that allows students to use their creative gifts and build a rewarding career in voiceover.

By teaching the fundamentals of acting and business, we empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to be a part of the creative voiceover and acting industry.

Tennessee Voice Over Studios was founded by veteran voice actor and coach Christi Bowen. After years of running the Meetup group for voice actors in Middle Tennessee (Tennessee Voice Over Exchange), Christi saw the need for more training opportunities in the area for the growing Nashville population.

With the help of fellow veteran voice acting coaches and mentors, Christi launched TNVO Studios with the idea to give a more in-depth and honest look at the voiceover business and what it takes to make it a career. TNVO Studios uses the 3 Star Method (taken from the 3 stars of the Tennessee State emblem) to teach the fundamental areas that all voice actors must know – performance, business and technical skills.