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Gravy For The Brain is an online voiceover education resource that gives you everything you need to build a career in voiceover.  Gravy For The Brain is interested in doing more than any other VO course has ever done before. They don’t want to just teach you the basics of VO, they want to teach you everything about VO. They don’t want to just teach you about the business, they want to teach you how to run your own business. They don’t want to just give you a VO course, they want to give you a VO career. Gravy For The Brain gives its members access to 16 courses and hundreds of webinars which focus on unique aspects of the voiceover industry. Gravy For The Brain also gives its members access to each other’s expertise, hosting forums that allow members to share their knowledge and attend live mentoring sessions hosted by professional voiceover workers. Gravy For The Brain also comes with dozens of unique features that allow voice artists to manage their clients, agents and get jobs in the industry which allow them to live their VO dreams. You can get all of this as part of a monthly membership that you can cancel at any time. And even better, all of this can be tried out for 12 days absolutely free, before you decide to make your first payment.

Gravy For The Brain Membership

From beginners to advanced level, our expert-led voiceover training courses give you a structured way to develop your voiceover skills and learn how to run a successful voiceover business.

The highly engaging and interactive courses help you expand your voice skills so that you can confidently perform in a large range of voiceover work. Each course is broken into a series of lessons that make it easy to learn at your own pace. We also give you lots of additional resources to help you practice and master the skills you need to succeed.

Members get access to our full library of courses that provide you with everything you need to develop your career. These courses are trusted by the leading voiceovers in the industry.

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