VoiceZam is the “next generation” of audio player and is here to solve demo playback frustrations forever. Demo reels are a multi-track compilation of your best performances, but when it comes to showing them off, traditional players make it impossible since they’re designed to playback one track at a time only. VoiceZam gives your performances the opportunity to make a bigger impact on casting agents by giving them everything that your voice has to offer, without hiding any part of your talents. Talent deserves a professional audio and video player that’s specifically designed to reveal all the tracks in their demos; VoiceZam is that player. With its unique patented, track-list format, VoiceZam offers producers a more natural and engaging experience. You finally have an invaluable marketing tool that provides an unforgettable playback experience for your clients—where every track in your demo is reachable. VoiceZam will pump new life into your career as a talent—because a quality demo is still the most critical marketing tool in your profession.