Vocalzone PROFILE

Vocalzone was incorporated as a company over 100 years ago and has been selling their iconic throat pastilles since its first sale in 1912.

In the last century, Vocalzone has continued to expand everything about its range, offering unique blends of powerful ingredients formulated to provide immediate relief from irritated throats.

Vocalzone is used by some of the most renowned Performers and Voice Professionals around the world, including Sir Tom Jones, Dionne Warwick, JME, Frank Turner and many more.

Vocalzone is the perfect relief for any occupation that relies on voice. Whether you’re a musician, public speaker, teacher or voiceover artist, Vocalzone offers the perfect relief free from any anaesthetic agents, so you can continue working longer without putting your vocal instrument at risk.

Vocalzone will be joining us at One Voice Conference 2019, to show you their entire range and help you discover your perfect blend, to keep your voice working for you.