Shelley Avellino

Shelley Avellino PROFILE

I’ve been directing talent and coaching VO Performance and VO Business for 6yrs now and enjoy every bit of it. I like to think I give thorough and relevant direction, that’s easy to understand and I make all my students feel relaxed, so we get the best performance out of them during our session. I work in a lot of genres within the VO industry, which makes me a well rounded coach, able to help you up your game in auditioning and booking. Being a full-time Voiceactor myself as well as a casting and booth director gives me an insight into what’s booking and what directors are looking for.

​If you need a second set of ears for an audition that you may be having trouble with, or you are not booking as much as you feel you should, maybe you are new to the industry or just want to explore another genre, get in touch below and we can discuss your needs in detail and book a session over Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts or in person in San Francisco and the East Bay Area!

​I also offer VO Business and Marketing Coaching and launched “Bridging the VO Gap” a few years go to help talent learn how to market themselves around the globe. Marketing can definitely be daunting, so if you need a helping hand to launch your VO career and make that first impression count, I’m your gal. I’ll be happy to work out a roadmap for you on the best way to manage and grow your business.