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Diana Birdsall is a veteran of voiceover having grown her business to a consistent six-figure income over the last 20 years.  Diana’s specialty is voicing commercials, Corporate, e-Learning and Telephony; however, she will tell you that the reason for her success is her forte in developing long-term relationships with her clients.

As a Creative Director for 13+ years winning 12 Telly Awards for Directing and Producing commercials, and a 2021 OneVoice Nominee for Best Commercial Performance, Diana is well-versed on both sides of the glass.  It is with this perspective and experience that she now coaches her colleagues in VO and in marketing their VO business, as well.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate working pro or somewhere in between, Diana can help take your career to a new level. She’s worked full time in VO for the past 12 years. Stretching, working and evolving is the key to any successful career as a Voice Actor. Diana shares the best of her experience with you and helps mold you into your comfortab